Techniques Used in Repairing Water Damage

Water Damage in Salt Lake CityWhen storm water hits your home, property damages can be dire. It’s important to hire someone to address the problem immediately and prevent mold and bacteria from breeding in your home.

Damage restoration helps prevent health problems that can stem from fungal contamination. According to, a water damage repair expert uses cutting-edge technology and procedures to ensure that the premises are clean and safe. Find out about them:

LGR Dehumidifiers

Water damage repair contractors use low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers for restoration. LGR uses advanced scientific technology to control humidity and raises it to a minimum of 10%. This removes nearly 16 water gallons from the air for each day of the operation.

Outdated dehumidifiers can only pull around 5 gallons of moisture in the same period. This significant difference signifies progress in efficiency.

Intra Wall Drying

Intra wall drying is an advanced form of moisture elimination used by contractors. Intra wall drying equipment dries the interiors of your walls without removing the drywall. Baseboards are taken out, and then holes are drilled through the walls near their bases.

Behind the wall, air is forced through the cavity. Once finished, drying time is dramatically reduced. This is the best method to employ when the damage starts at the roof. In this case, this is the only set of techniques with a guarantee of low costs and minimal drying time.


Desiccant technology uses silica gel that can absorb moisture from the air. These dehumidifiers generate hot temperatures of about 110 degrees F and a 5% RH of dry air.

Even when the environment is below freezing point, they operate efficiently. They are excellent in both commercial and residential settings.

In the past, contractors had limited options when drying water damaged property. Their equipment had minimal availability, effectiveness, variety, and efficiency. The standard practice was based on discarding damaged carpets, drywalls and pads. Today, technology has gone a notch higher. Most of your property can be quickly restored without having to resort to replacement.