The 3 Big Benefits of Getting a Massage

Massage Treatment in MurraySome people think that alternative or integrative wellness methods are overrated or hyped by media. A massage, for example, is usually seen as a way of recreation. In truth, they carry many health benefits and may even aid in the rehabilitation and repair of the body. Whether it’s Shiatsu, Swedish, or even reflexology, any type of massage aids in the physical and mental health of a person.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), more than 39 million adult Americans have had a massage at least once. That’s only a fraction of the total population of the country (more than 300 million). Even in a town like Murray, massages are becoming more popular these days, as people try to explore new ways to achieve better health.

If you are one of those people who has never gotten a massage or if you want to know why a massage is more than a recreational activity, check out some if its health benefits:

Natural Pain Relief

Whenever we feel pain, the usual response is to take an anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID). We pop a pill and the pain is gone. Some medications will have adverse effects, however, and can lead to health problems if abused. An alternative pain relief method is getting a massage. Whether you have back pain, body pain, osteoarthritis, or even a major headache, a massage can prove to be as effective as medication, yoga, or exercise.

Eases Medical Conditions

Massages play a vital role in the recovery of those experiencing certain medical conditions. Pain caused by fibromyalgia, for example, is treatable with the help of a massage and chiropractor advice. It can also aid in cancer treatment by helping patients relax and boost their immune system. For those experiencing carpal tunnel, massages from a therapist or a chiropractor in Murray are also seen to be effective in reducing its symptoms and increasing grip strength.

Improves Mood and Blood Flow

Finally, massages can improve one’s mood and even lower blood pressure. Those who experience stress at work often could help mitigate the effects of it by getting a regular massage to ease tension . It also helps people who have emotional disorders by promoting mental relaxation. A back massage for 10 minutes also helps lower blood pressure.

Massages have more benefits, and it’s not because of media hype or just another fad. Aside from the support we get from doctors and medical practitioners, integrative wellness methods like massages can bring about a holistic approach to our wellness.