The Australian National Botanic Gardens Plans to Construct a New Attraction

Botanic GardenThe Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra plans to construct a new attraction in July to lure more visitors, particularly children.

The project involves a treetop gazebo built among melaleuca trees in the lower gardens, which will be operational by October. The ultimate fairy tale cubby house is here.

Recycled Design

Friends of the Botanic Gardens President Lesley Jackman said that the project’s design use recycled wood. Following a nationwide design contest, the group chose a design that incorporates the Yakisugi technique, which is a traditional Japanese method for carbonising wood. The planned treehouse forms part of the Australian National Botanic Gardens’ 20-year masterplanned development.

Meanwhile, Australian experts said homeowners should not dwell too much on size as a plus factor. If you’re looking to add a timber cubby house to your property, it will likely improve the quality of lifestyle in a small home as much as it will for a huge house. 

Lifestyle Quality

Space is why most Australians think that a bigger house provides a better quality of lifestyle, architects claim. By using interior and exterior features such as those based on passive solar design, there’s no reason that smaller properties are inferior to bigger homes. On the contrary, smaller spaces can be beneficial in many ways.

Smart building designs use the concept of maximising space. Even a one- or two-bedroom home can be space-efficient if homeowners know how to harness the functionality of each part of the house, instead of solely focusing on floor plans.

No matter the size of the property, gazebos and cedar structures add distinction to your home. Most structures can be designed to align with the size of your house. Perhaps, their most important feature, which is relevant in the age of sedentary and digital lifestyle – and something that the Australian National Botanic Gardens knows all too well – is the space they create to allow children more outdoor playtime.