The Basics of Commercial Property Valuation

Commercial PropertyInvestors who want to diversify their portfolio often turn to commercial real estate. Many favour real estate investment because of its high yield. But, before venturing into this type of investment, there are some factors that investors should take into consideration.

Knowing the current value of the property should be part of your list.  More importantly, you should find out how your prospective asset will fare. Here are some important things you need to know about commercial property appraisal.


Inspection is usually part of the initial phases of property valuation. It doesn’t only refer to the checking of the size and appeal of the property; it also deals with the examination of ownership documents, the neighbourhood, the lifestyle of the target customers and paperwork concerning operational expenses and rentals.

Checking the Income

Companies providing commercial property investment services remind clients that assessors look into the income of a real estate asset thoroughly. Basically, the evaluator considers the price of rent being paid and the duration of the lease.

After minding these considerations, the evaluator will try to gauge the potentials for rental growth. Once done at this stage, the assessor will look at how potential investors will make income security possible. Risks and rewards will be thoroughly calculated.

On Market Value

When looking into the market value, evaluators follow a methodology that requires them to compare the property with others in the neighbourhood. The properties subject to comparison usually have similar characteristics. Evaluators use this method if the investor intends to compete aggressively once the property lands on his hands.

These are only some of the things you need to consider when it comes to commercial property valuation. Make sure that you consult a reliable company that specialises in commercial real estate investments. You may also enlist the help of a real estate broker if you’re already at the purchasing stage.

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