The Bride Deserves to Arrive in Style

Bride in her wedding gownWeddings are special days, especially for the bride. For this reason, everything has to be perfect.

To make sure everything’s in place, detailed planning is a must in the following areas: the location, catering, the dress, invitations, and the like. But one factor that some brides forget is transportation—how is she arriving to the church or the wedding venue?

If you’re a bride-to-be, you’ll want a memorable entrance. While the standard church car is an option, why not consider a limousine?

Limos are not just for proms and fancy parties;, a local car dealer, considers limousines as ideal forms of transportations for weddings, too. It might sound too fancy, but this is your special day: you have every right to go the extra mile.

So how do you make a memorable entrance with a limo?

Plan Beforehand

Never leave your limo rental to the last minute. It’s best to contact a limo service once you finalize the wedding date. This spares you from blocked out reservations, especially if your wedding falls on graduation or prom season.

Also, it’s important to know the itinerary and route of your limo. During the reservation, finalize all details: the pick-up point and duration of the rent.

Creativity Goes a Long Way

Should your car match the wedding’s motif? It all depends on your preferences.  

Look for a limousine that suits your taste as well as the wedding’s theme. The traditional white stretch limos is a popular option for some, but if you want a more vintage feel, you can pick a luxurious Rolls Royce or a ‘30s vintage limo. If you’re planning a contemporary wedding, you can go with a sleek Mercedes Benz.

Doing so will not only impress your guests; it will also look great in the wedding photos.

What About the Guests?

If you would like to share the experience (and have the extra budget for it), do not hesitate to book a limo for family and close friends. Another limo can transport the wedding party. A limo can also take your VIP guests from the hotel to the venue.

Limousines may seem like unnecessary luxuries on your wedding, but this is your special day. If you want a memorable wedding, consider hiring a limo and arrive in style.