The Impact of a Tour to Israel on Your Christian Faith

Trip to IsraelIsrael hosts some of the world’s most sacred histories and sites of Christianity, making it a prime destination for many Christians. Jesus Christ was born in Nazareth and raised in Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel. While in Israel, Jesus performed many miracles as recorded in the Bible teachings. It was in Jerusalem that he died and rose again. These and more histories bind Christianity with Israel. Have a look at what awaits you in this holy land!

An encounter with God in a new way

For a Christian who seeks to experience God in a new way, a tour to Israel might be the answer to stagnant faith. Seeing the illustrations from everyday life that Jesus used, walking where he walked will make you understand the Bible teachings at new levels. Think of this trip as a getaway to seek God, a spiritual pilgrimage.

The Bible will come alive

A tour to Israel sets the Bible apart from any other historical book. When you visit Israel, you get a chance to trace the stories on the maps as you visit archaeological remains of the many cities.

You witness prophecy fulfilled

When you take an LDS Israel tour, you will notice that the Jewish people have been gathered from every nation to which they had been dispersed; from the South, the North, the East and the West just as the Bible foretold. This prophecy that has been fulfilled brings you closer to God and helps you trust him more since he is a faithful God who is true to his word.

Israel is a modern miracle

In just over 65 years, Israel has created a prosperous country that is leading in the world of technology, science, innovation, water conservation, agriculture, and security: all this out of a land characterized by arid climates and previous deadly holocausts.

A tour to Israel is an absolute must to any Christian who wants to transform their faith in a significant way. Meeting with the Israelites, those who have been put on the front line of fire because¬†of their Christian calling, is often the highlight of a Christian’s trip to Israel.