The Sad Reality of Bad Titles and Low CRTs

SEODo you know what the most important ranking factor is? Thousands of SEO experts offer a variety of answers.

Popular answers include great content and getting backlinks. They top lists for good reason and, after all, Google said so. But focusing on these alone isn’t enough. There’s another factor that requires your attention — your organic click-through rates.

The Reality of Crappy SEO Titles

For the SEO experts at, optimised titles are boring. Unfortunately, brands use the same keywords repeatedly, hoping to attract more clicks. They think keyword stuffing or exclamation points here and there are the solutions to low CTRs.

It’s not.

Content is always a crucial element. Google ignores keywords, focusing instead on the context of the entire site. Given pages on websites can rank for hundreds of different keywords. CTR makes the difference between ending up in a virtuous cycle or a death trap. With poor SEO titles, expect the latter.

There is a Cure

Don’t let the competition outrank you. Winning SEO titles can be like click-bait headlines — just better optimised. It seems simple, but it’s difficult. People struggle in writing attention-worthy headlines.

Buzzsumo’s Steve Rayson says some emotions compel people to click or share an article. Titles that encourage laughter, amusement, anger, surprise or other emotions are powerful triggers, which transform even the biggest losers to winners.

A great hook raises a reader’s curiosity. Use emotional elements or words such as inspiring, brilliant and funny. Great headlines also include the type of content to expect after the readers click through.

Bonus Hack: Remarketing

Organic search is a good source of traffic. But if you want to go the distance, you need more people clicking on search results. How can you pull it off?

A little remarketing does the trick.

Through Facebook and Google, show advertisements to site visitors who left before converting. As they jump from one site to another, they’ll see your ads. As they visit other sites, your ads will follow them. Apart from increasing conversion rates, this also helps organic click-through rates.

Improving your CRT comes with numerous advantages. This means more traffic, which results in better engagement signals and more conversions. Figure out which pages let you down and start optimising!