The Social Factor: What Social Signals Mean for Search Rankings

Social Signals in Search The world of digital marketing has always been divided in one particular matter: the role of social signals in search rankings. Some people say that social signals are irrelevant, while others don’t rule out the idea that it could affect your site’s SEO performance. So, what’s the real deal about this?

Moz explains this best in its latest data report. Social signals correlate with better search rankings. Note that this authority figure used the term “correlate,” not “impact.” This is because the role of social signals in SEO is an indirect one.

Let’s dig deeper into this:


First, let’s account for what the shares do regarding this whole thing. In 2014, Matt Cutts has given marketers some hope by saying that all +1s, up votes, likes, and retweets factor into a site’s eventual rankings.

The key term here is eventual, as these shares have a chance of giving your site some traffic – and, in the long run, better rankings. Remember that the shares would only count in search if people actually click on links and read your on-site content.


The Denver SEO professionals of C1 Partners all agree that the more followers you have on social media, the better. This is because sites like Facebook consider how popular a page is to decide on its version of authoritativeness. A page with a thousand likes would not fare well against one with a million followers.

Consequently, these followers see whatever you post on your page. Ergo, you get more opportunities for them to click a link and interact with the page, thus translating to better social signals. The same principle from shares applies here.

Eventually, all these shares and interactions would become visible on your website’s metrics. Once you gain some traction in getting traffic from social media sites, you would realize how powerful social signals are in improving your search rankings. If you want to dominate in the search rankings, an effective social media campaign might just boost your SEO efforts.