The Ultimate Guide to Making the Perfect Iced Coffee

Making Iced CoffeeSo coffee is your favourite drink. That can be a real problem during summertime. It is hard to enjoy your coffee when it is already hot even without you going out of your house. You can still enjoy your favourite beverage by making iced coffee. You might think it is as simple as dropping in cubes to make it a chilled version of your drink. It is not the best way to go about it.

Start preparations the night before

The way to make the perfect iced coffee is to prepare it the night before. Putting ice while your coffee is fresh will only dilute it. The ice will melt quickly and add to the water content of the glass. This takes away the original flavour, making your drink bland. Make a cold brew at night using a French press. Put it inside the fridge and let it sit for hours. The next morning, separate the grounds from the coffee drink.

Add flavouring

Your chilled coffee is ready to drink. Just add ice cubes into the mix and enjoy your favourite drink. An ice machine at home is really convenient because you don’t have to chip, ground or grate blocks of ice, according to GMR Supplies. If you want to add some twist to your delicious coffee, you can put chocolate or caramel syrup. You may even spray whipped cream on top to make it special. Adding crushed chocolate cookies or chopped chocolate chips makes it even more interesting. Those crunchy bits can give a whole new meaning to your chill time.

It is all up to you how you can serve your drink with added flair. For an ultimately refreshing drink, you may even chill the glasses you will be using before pouring the coffee in. Get an ice making machine so you can have the ice you can use for any chilled drinks. Summer will be more fun with a cool drink in hand.