The Untold Secrets of Preventive Maintenance for Air Conditioning Systems

air conditioningWith construction projects encroaching the open lands, most of the buildings lack enough space to achieve optimum aeration. Adequate air circulating is a significant factor towards maintaining a serene and ambient temperature for your house. With a fully functional cooling device, you are sure of a tranquil environment at all times.

Indiana air conditioning repair centers like Legacy Heating and Air keep your system in check helps to lower the frequency for repairs and hence the interruptions. Here are some tips on reducing the frequency of air conditioning repair.

Cleaning the AC filters

Just like any other machine, keeping your system clean and serviced improves the operational efficiency and extends the lifespan of the device. When the filters are clogged with dust, the conditioner works on a strained capacity that results in higher energy consumption. Cleaning the filters and replacing them lowers the utility bills and promotes healthy living through a healthy environment. For reusable filters, cleaning should be done after every ninety days while the conventional should be replaced at the same interval.

The tune-ups

When it comes to the performance of your AC, you need to keep in mind the changes that occur as the system gets old. It therefore requires regular inspections on the coolant levels to see whether it’s running to the capacity. You can also check the thermostats, calibrate, and tighten any loose wires, relays, capacitors to prevent potential failure. The inspection schedule should be on need basis or as directed by the user’s manual.


When a new installation is done you may be thrilled by the efficiency levels that the machine performs. As you continue to use the AC, you may observe several changes that may come from the sound of the machine, the position and the pattern. If you are using a manual system, you need to keep adjusting the settings to suit the prevailing conditions. Operating you AC at the wrong settings is likely to cause damage to the whole system.

Improve your AC operating efficiency through preventive maintenance.