There’s More to Content Than Just Hitting the “Publish” Button

Content WritingFor some writers, creating a new blog post signifies the end of their work. Once they click the “Publish” button, that’s the end of it.

On the contrary, it’s not.

The work doesn’t end after your write and submit your articles. Your to-do list stretches after posting it and comes with follow-up tasks, which promote better visibility and engagement.

Following the suggestions below maximizes blog post value.

Never Stop Revising

The best blogs are the results of numerous drafts. According to PayPerContent, provider of content creation services, quality pieces undergo endless revisions. If you think otherwise, might want to re-read and reconsider your article before posting.

Investing some time in editing avoids misspelled words, wrong grammar, and out of context thoughts. Reading your draft aloud also helps. By proofreading and revising multiple times give you an error free content.

Share to ALL Platforms

Content is useless if no one reads it. Instead of just letting it sit on the site, share your blog post right after publishing.

Social media platforms are the best places to start. Use your Facebook and Twitter account to your advantage by sharing the blog link. Other than getting visits, it also allows early traction. As you spent hours writing the article, spare a couple of minutes promoting it to receive maximum exposure and user engagement.

Link from Old Posts

If your site has a number of evergreen content that receives multiple clicks and shares, use these to your advantage. Old posts can help in driving more traffic to new posts. Go back to your most popular content and find ways to incorporate links towards your latest post.

Apart from increasing direct traffic, linking older blogs builds a stronger framework for your visibility.

Publishing good content is not enough; don’t be satisfied with just uploading pieces online. Running the extra mile does wonder for you and your website.