Three Most Popular Misconceptions about DIY Braces

Woman Wearing Invisible BracesThe number of people who watch videos featuring do-it-yourself (DIY) braces online increases alarmingly. The case worsens with the propagation of unfounded statements shared by video bloggers (vloggers). Here are three of the most popular misconceptions from people wearing DIY braces.

You Save Thousands of Dollars in Dental Fees

No doubt price is lesser if you buy a box of mini-elastic bands and a few metal paper clips compared with the cost of Invisalign braces. However, the damage that can result from the misuse of these home items can eventually cost more than professional dental work. You may even have to pay an orthodontist two to ten times more because of lost teeth, infected gums, or misaligned jaw caused by DIY contraption.

It Works for Me so It Can Work for You

A general statement like this can mislead. Individuals have distinct dental records, which goes the same about braces. This is why moulding, installation, and adjustment take time depending on the dental structure of the patient. Procedures and treatments vary accordingly so general recommendations should be taken cautiously.

Results Are Similar to That of a Professional Work

Your wonky front teeth are not the only parts of your oral cavity affected by braces, DIY or not. It can also impact your teeth, gums, jawbone, and even the shape of your face. What may seem to be an improvement can already be causing internal damage without your knowledge.

Professionals go through extensive trainings to acquire licenses before they become experts in their chosen fields. This goes the same with orthodontists. Quality, almost always, comes with a price. Being your own dentist is not worth the risk if it compromises your health. Always think of dire consequences.