Three of the Cheapest Ways to Make Your Home Burglarproof

 Burglarproof House in CanberraCrime figures have reported published just recently showed that many parts of Canberra, particularly those in the inner north, have shown a considerable decrease. However, this is not the case for areas in the inner south. Property crime rates, which includes burglary, have jumped, with theft cases going up to 44 percent and property damage rising to 53.8 per cent.

Whether you live in the north or the south, these numbers should already prompt you to take action and make your home more secure. You do not have to shell out a huge portion of your savings just to make your home burglarproof. You can start with these three cheapest home-security improving tactics.

Upgrade your doors, especially the front, back, and garage door.

You need to think like a burglar in order to figure out how they come to gain access to their victims’ houses. And as with most petty thieves like them, the first thing they usually try out is the front door, followed by the back door, and lastly, the garage door.

When these parts of your home have already aged, it is the time you upgrade them. Through the help of a highly reliable Canberra doors manufacturer such as, not only can you up your home’s security, but also its overall value, as new doors increase kerb appeal.

Get rid of your old and draughty windows.

Another cheap yet effective method to deter burglars is through replacing your old and outdated windows. These are the weakest components of your home. Thus, when burglars cannot enter your home through any of your exterior doors, the next thing they will do is mess with your window locks.

And just like with new doors, getting replacements for them will both enhance your home’s security and overall value. To make it even more secure, consider investing in screens, which add another layer of protection.

Do not underestimate burglars; get these cheap yet effective crime deterrents so you and your loved ones can sleep soundly at night.