Top 3 Scrumptious Cebu Dishes to Savor

Scrumptious Lechon in CebuThe eminent lechon holds the highest distinction in Cebu’s cuisine. It’s slow-roasted on a spit to exquisite crispness and juicy perfection that Time declared it the “Best Pig” while Anthony Bourdain referred to it as “the best pork ever.” Bourdain’s pork feast in Cebu left such a yummy impression on him that on his return to the country, the renowned chef and author declared to Filipino fans to, “Start roasting a pig slowly.”

But the Queen City of the South has more mouthwatering treats to offer, beyond the revered lechon. Here are three other tasty dishes to savor:

1. Fried Chorizo de Cebu

These juicy, sweet little morsels of meat are ideal any time of the day. Home-based businesses add different flavors and meat to their chorizo de Cebu, such as spicy pork, pork hamonado, and garlic chicken. Dip it in spicy pinakurat and eat with puso, which is rice wrapped in coconut leaves. It’s one of the simplest yet heavenly feasts you can have on the balcony of your condominium property or on a local beach.

2. Grilled Saang

It’s in the mollusk family, and commonly sold in the street stalls of Cebu. Foreign tourists might refer to the sumptuous seafood as “spider shells” or “scorpion conch.” To locals, it’s a summer grilling essential. Flavorful, succulent, and chewy, saang also works as chowder.

3. Fried Danggit

When you wake up to a gorgeous view of Cebu city, the only breakfast that makes sense is danggit. Danggit is salted, sun-dried rabbitfish, or kitang or samaral. This species of fish is common in the shallower waters of the island province. Kitang or samaral is not always made into danggit. Locals sometimes use them in stews or fry the fish whole.

Cebu cuisine has more to offer, aside from the savory, juicy lechon. Explore the different neighborhoods and streets. And discover what other delightful dishes await your palate.