Top 3 SEO Writing Hacks You Can Do

Content SEO AcronymEven if you have a brick and mortar business in Provo, or anywhere in Utah, you need to go beyond content and copywriting as you venture your opportunities online. Writing content for your business website, blog, or even SNS accounts need considerations that are a definite if you want your pages to rank on search engines.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) writing comes in. SEO can optimize content to make your site rank higher on search engines for a particular search term. Keywords are one of the cores of SEO writing, but with modern search engine analytics and algorithms in play, stuffing your content with too many of them can do more harm than good. To help you write content that ranks, here are some of the things you should consider:

Write for your target audience first.

Keywords are indeed necessary. Modern SEO writing, however, focuses more on the actual content — how compelling, authoritative, and shareable it is. Instead of calculating how many times a certain search term has been used, SEO experts in Provo say that content is now ranked by ensuring that your page is trustworthy and has authority. This means having well-researched content that your target audience will want to read and share.

Pay attention to your headline.

Unfortunately, in the world of content writing, first impressions matter. You type a search term and several results come up. Which one would be clicked first? Aside from the top result, users also tend to click more on those that have an interesting headline. Those that have specific message are among the ones popular with users.

Don’t forget about Meta description.

The text snippet you see appearing below a search result refers to Meta description, a short summary of what your content is. This is important since descriptions are what search engines and users use to identify why the search term appeared in your content and understand what your topic is about. As such, you need to create compelling Meta descriptions to give both users and search engines a clear idea of what your content is and why they should click on it.

SEO writing has evolved over the years and the way businesses should approach it has also changed. Know how to do it properly by following the above-mentioned advice.