Top Business Ideas You Can Start in a Small Tourist Town

Small Town Businesses Travel has taken the spotlight in recent years. More and more people are hitting the road and experiencing the world all around them. This is a great opportunity for small town entrepreneurs who want to turn these tides of tourists into a terrific trade.

Here are a few ideas even Mom and Pop can get behind on:

Cafes and Restaurants

Every town needs a good and cosy nook for brunch or afternoon tea and tourist towns are no exception. Picking a nice location is the key to a good business, but what attracts more tourists is something unique to your town. Do you have a local delicacy that might pique the interest of travellers? Is there a gimmick you have in mind to make your own café stand out? Study the atmosphere and find your niche. You’ll be surprised at your results.

Hotels, Motels, and Lodges

Of course, you can’t expect to own the next Hilton or Ritz, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the hospitality business. If you have a roomy house, why not turn it into a bed and breakfast? Tourists will always need a place to stay and this could be the start of your own small business. Are you looking to house more customers? Resort Brokers Australia shares that there are motels for lease that you can get and still turn a good profit.


From bikes to boats, cars to jet skis, no tourist town is without activities and you can capitalise on these by starting a rental business. Is your main attraction a lake? Why not rent out fishing boats or even your own yacht if you own one? Do you live in a place where taxi service is uncommon? A car rental service may be the answer your visitors are looking for. Even a small town by the countryside can rent out bicycles for a nice afternoon stroll. Finding a need is essential to getting good business and in tourist towns, needs are almost everywhere.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your entrepreneurial journey. Feel free to explore other options and find that one special thing you can offer your unique clientele. You’ll never know. You might be sitting on a gold mine and still haven’t realised it.