Top Hiding Spots of Mold in Your Home

mold removal in Salt Lake City, UtahMold pollution makes up the majority of the air pollution inside your home. Most residents in many American cities don’t realize the severity of their situation until someone gets seriously ill. Many mold removal experts in cities such as Salt Lake City, Utah advise that you address the mold damage in your home as soon as you spot them. Below are its primary causes and its top hiding spots to help you stop it before it’s too late.

The Primary Causes of Mold

The three main causes that allow mold to grow is food source, the ideal temperature, water, and moisture. Food sources usually consist of high cellulose content materials like wood and paper. They could also thrive in the dirt, dust, ceiling tiles, carpet, wallpaper, and drywall. The ideal temperature they need is between five to 38 degrees.

Most importantly, water and moisture are a key reason they grow. Condensation, floods, roofs, ceilings, sewer backups, and leaky pipes usually have both. The main issue with mold is that it will continue to grow. This is a cause for concern since most people spend 90 percent of their time inside their homes.

Its Top Hiding Spots

To know if you have a mold problem in your home, you should try to smell for must or mildew. You will also see water stains and black specks on your wall and ceiling, discolored carpets, and buckled floorboards. When these are present, you have an idea where to find the source of the odor.

Commonly, bathrooms and kitchens are ideal hiding spots for mold, especially under the sink where pipes usually leak. You can also find them in appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Leaky roofs, window sills, basements, crawl spaces, and closets are also areas where they are likely to grow.

Know these common signs so you can stop mold pollution. Keep mold away from your family and make your house a sanctuary of health and cleanliness.