Top Three Alternatives to Blogging

Awesome and creative content for your website is necessary to compete for search traffic. Blogging is one of the common ways to produce relevant content for your website. But apart from blogging, there are other ways to create SEO-friendly content without too much writing. These can help your website rank higher if you use it with powerful search engine optimisation.

Here are three alternatives:

YouTube Video

YouTube is one of the most popular video hosting and sharing sites. You can shoot a video, upload it, and promote it via social media. Make sure, however, that your video is compelling and useful —or at least interesting. Create tutorials, a success story, or be an authority by explaining a new technology or answering a question.



Well-produced infographics can have a higher probability of going viral than text-based content. This is because people enjoy reading and sharing information in visual format.  You can create a well-designed infographic for your site by contacting Digital Cherry or using Piktochart.


Slideshows are great for enhancing your search engine optimisation campaign. They do not require much writing and only need a title and a brief description for images. Keep in mind that for your slideshow to appeal to your audience, the content has to present remarkable images.

Implement a strong content marketing strategy with these alternatives. Hire a reliable SEO company to produce content that will help you rank high in search engines.