Top Ways of Ruining Your Heavy Machine and Equipment

Industrial Machinery in KewdaleMany companies often struggle with heavy repair bills occasioned by machine breaking down frequently, without knowing where the problem lies. The article highlights some of the costly mistakes to avoid when operating heavy industrial machinery.

Keeping the pistons in your heavy-duty machines pumping with the least amount of friction and resistance is the key to a profitable operation. Therefore, a proper maintenance schedule is mandatory when running heavy equipment.

Failure to institute an excellent preventive care on the machines jeopardises your operations since it increases the likelihood of a breakdown. Other that the massive repair costs, an equipment failure brings your operations to a grinding halt. As a result, you could incur additional expenses and steep penalties for lapsed deadlines.

Read the service manual

In most cases, machine operators only learn and practise what they pick along the way without referring to the manufacturer’s manuals. As a result, they may tend to out the machine to the wrong use, overload or overwork in ignorant bliss. Without the proper knowledge, you are unlikely to wise up to such antics, and it could cost you a fortune in maintenance bills. Learning the limits of your machine enables you to plan your work schedule property, avoiding unnecessary delays and losses.

Less than Skilled Operators

Learning on the job is a welcome move in many companies as it avails them with cheap labour and cuts down on their overheads. While it might seem like a smart move, such a practice is harmful to your operations in the end. Untrained operators offer put your operations in jeopardy by endangering the quality of products or work, other employees and the machine itself. In the case of an accident, your insurance carrier is unlikely to honour your claims is the operators lack the necessary skills.

Use of inferior replacement parts

In an attempt to cut costs, Engineered Precision Machining notes that some firms fail to purchase genuine Caterpillar replacement parts, not appreciating how much of a risk such a move poses to their operation. Inferior parts have a short lifespan as well as durability in addition to causing extensive damage to your machine. Additionally, they are likely to void your warranty.

With proper care and preventive maintenance, you can keep your running costs low and extend the lifespan of your heavy machinery.