Transform Your Café and Make it Writer-Friendly

CafeWriters choose their working environment with great care. If and when they fall in love with your café for reasons aside from coffee, you gain a loyal customer in them. The amount of writers in the world should suffice to motivate you to make your café more accommodating to their creative needs.

Better Lighting

While writers tend to be too precarious for reasons that others perceive as irrational, their penchant for good lighting to double their productivity actually has scientific proof. If the location of the café allows it, they can help writers perform better by allowing them to rely on natural light while working. suggests searching for quality café blinds. Cities like Perth have a lot of beautiful sights a writer can find inspiration in if you give them access to windows and daylight. Come night-time, install lighting that accommodates reading and writing needs without disturbing the café’s ambiance. You’ll be surprised at how little changes in lighting affect a writer.

Tables Against Walls

The coming and going of people can distract writers to idleness. Placing tables against walls reduces their need to look around them in reflex. They also need sufficient space for laptops, notebooks, and books. Apart from those, easily accessible outlets on the wall or on the floor eliminates their worries of having their computers run low on battery just when they’ve gotten their momentum going.

Right Music

Writers thrive on diversity and usually come armed with their own playlists and headsets. This does not, however, reduce the need for good music to play in the background. Playing classical music like those of Mozart’s help calm them and set them in the mood to write. Even joyful symphonies hardly compete with other genres of music that writers would likely be listening to, making it easier for them to let their imaginations run loose with their choice of songs. Whether a writer comes with a playlist or not, the likelihood of them enjoying their time in your care increases substantially.

Caring for writers doesn’t require drastic changes to your café. Subtle adjustments made to the lighting, the table arrangements and the music selection serves to cater to their sensitive and meticulous nature.

3 Comments on Transform Your Café and Make it Writer-Friendly

  1. Marie E. Blom // July 15, 2015 at 8:51 am // Reply

    As a writer myself, I feel very personally connected to this. I don’t know if it’s the same with painters and artists, but there’s something about good lighting and the right choice of background music that really ups my productivity

  2. Danny N. Robinson // July 15, 2015 at 9:04 am // Reply

    I’m glad somebody finally tacked this subject. You have no idea how it’d benefit your business if you just worked a little harder on the ambiance. Writers and students, myself included, will flock your café!

  3. Donald J. Morton // July 15, 2015 at 9:18 am // Reply

    I have an obsession for tables rested against walls. I don’t know if it’s a writer thing, or just a general thinker-philisopher thing. I’d definitely be persuaded into staying if I see them, and maybe a couple of outlets I can use for my laptop.

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