Travellers’ Tips on Getting Around Perth

PerthPerth is the place to be if you’re up for some warm weather and fun beaches. There are many activities you can do while in Perth. To ensure your fun and safety, keep these in mind when travelling to Perth:

The Climate

Remember Australia is down under so its season isn’t like the rest of the world. Summer is from December to February, which is not the same with other places. That means January can be quite hot, so bring appropriate clothes. There’s a wet season in Perth, which is in April, and it can be quite cool during that time.

When visiting during summer, it’s necessary to keep hydrated since temperatures may reach 29 degrees Celsius. Bring sunscreen and pack a lot of shorts and hats, too.

Getting Around the City

Perth is made for walking. You may also explore the city through a bus. There’s a free bus service around Perth. The CATS or Central Area Transport System has a set route and arrives approximately every 5 to 10 minutes. On the other hand, if privacy is a concern, or if you are travelling with kids, finding a car rental is easy. According to, a car rental in Perth, you can even get free CBD parking and drop-off services at the airport for your convenience.

People in Perth love the outdoors. The place is laid back so you can truly relax. Exploring the city at night is also fun. Tipping is not expected, but feel free to do so when you feel you’ve been given an excellent service.

It’s always helpful to know a few things about your destination before travelling. Awareness helps you prepare and enjoy the experience more.