Truck Repairs that Will Definitely Hurt the Budget

Truck Maintenance Many businesses invest in a fleet of commercial trucks for a variety of their operations. From hauling and moving homes and products to the transportation of invaluable commercial and industrial resources, the commercial truck has been undoubtedly one of the essential movers of today’s economy. As such, it is very important to observe meticulous maintenance schedule to avoid exorbitant costs of repairs.

For a big machine like the commercial truck, when it breaks down, you can be sure to shell out a significant amount of money to have it running again. That is why you need to be aware of the costliest repairs commercial trucks might be subjected to if you are not careful enough.

Engine Breakdown

Like any other machine, the engine is the heart of any commercial truck. It is where fuel and air gets mixed to provide the power needed to move your truck. If you think your car’s engine is quite complicated, the engine of a truck is even more so. Nonetheless, the point of the matter is that, an engine problem could mean a trip to a truck repair center in Idaho.

If you need to overhaul the entire engine, be prepared to shell out anything from between 15 thousand US dollars to around 20 thousand US dollars. Now, if it were just a blown cylinder head gasket then that should set you back for a few thousand dollars.

Drivetrain Problems

Imagine the raw power that commercial trucks have. All that hauling and moving of heavy resources across states will tell you that the power needs to be translated into the truck’s component that is responsible for distributing it to the wheels. The drivetrain is such an important aspect of any vehicle that problems here will spell unthinkable consequences to the integrity of the whole vehicle. Be ready to shell out anywhere from several thousands of dollars to around 12,000 US dollars to have a commercial truck’s drivetrain repaired.

Transmission Problems

While the transmission is an important component of the drivetrain, it is nonetheless an important component on its own. Problems in the gearbox can also set you back to a couple more thousand dollars in repairs.

There are other costly repairs for a commercial truck. However, nothing can come close to the ones you will be shelling out for problems related to the engine, drivetrain, and gearbox. This is why, as heavy duty as your truck is, you also need to have some serious maintenance work done.