Understanding Lumbar Back Pain

Back PainAnyone may experience lumbar back pain. The lumbar back starts from the region between the ribs to the hips. The pain in this area can be severe, but thankfully effective remedies are available.


Low back pain symptoms can be quickly noted by a person. The symptoms start from a dull ache in the lower back that later turns to a stabbing pain. The pain makes it hard to stand straight and move around. This pain may last for a few days, but if it lasts for months, it’s considered chronic and may result in intense back pain.

Other signs are loss of bowel control, fever, pain when passing urine or coughing, and leg weakness. All these symptoms together with back pain call for a physician.


Back pain may be caused by the kind of task you perform. Tasks involving heavy lifting, pushing and pulling, or twisting the back causes a stretch on the spinal cord, resulting in back pain. A herniated disc caused by injuries or aging brings about back pain. A weak disc may break and bulge, which puts pressure on the spinal nerve roots. Other serious causes include spinal stenosis, spondylitis and fibromyalgia. Such chronic conditions call for proper medical attention.


According to Muscle People Physiotherapy, treatment for back pain may include:

  • Warm baths and heating pads
  • Bed rest (although this remedy varies with the cause of the pain)
  • Yoga and conventional stretching of the spine
  • Spinal manipulation done by a physiotherapist
  • Regular massage therapy
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers and injections
  • Surgery

Back pain can result in several chronic conditions that require advanced healthcare. It is advisable to seek treatment when you notice these symptoms to avoid further complications. In the event of an injury or an accident, visit a qualified health professional for proper care and checkup.