Understanding the Principles of Visual Hierarchy

Visual Hierarchy in CalgaryVisual hierarchy adds attractiveness and order to the design of your website; implementing its principles improves visitor experience and appeal of your site. It provides users’ eyes with visual guidance, making suggestions, what information to look at closely and to recognize certain patterns.

Page Scanning Patterns

Studies reveal that people scan a page first before deciding to commit to reading it. The patterns of scanning often take two shapes, these are F and Z. The former is the traditional way that a person scans a page; readers look for certain words in topic sentences and left-aligned headings initially, then they stop and read to the right when they find something interesting in the content.

An expert based in Calgary on web design services, Parxavenue cites that the z-pattern is useful for other types of pages, like certain websites and ads where information isn’t in block sentences. A reader scans across the top of content then goes down to the opposite corner in a diagonal pattern.

Applying these reading and scanning patterns to your web design gives you an advantage.

Big Fonts

This follows the concept people tend to read the big and standout things first. Using big fonts for headings and titles grabs the attention of a user, even if it’s in the center of a page rather than at the top corners. Add more detail to the title you use to give enough information about it, this incentives a reader to keep reading the content in its entirety.

Texture and Space

One way to grab and keep the attention of a visitor is to strike a balance between negative space and texture. This focuses the eyes on a certain part of a page or piece of content. This gives room surrounding a button or lines of text that you want to highlight.

Visual hierarchy is a design concept that you can use to improve your website’s appeal and improve the experience of visitors. Implementing its concepts gives your site a different dynamic that provides you with a competitive advantage.