Unsettling Sounds: What Noises Mean for Your Furnace

Furnace RepairIn an ideal world, we would have appliances – furnaces included – that diagnose and repair themselves. But of course, we’re not at that point just yet. So for now, we have to be proactive with monitoring the appliances we have at home. After all, these devices do have ways to tell when something’s wrong with them – all we have to do is be aware of these signs.

In the case of HVAC systems, furnace repair experts in Draper say noises signal the onset of various problems. Here’s a more detailed look into these sounds and what they mean:


Sometimes, furnaces generate booming sounds. Most commonly, this means that both dirt and grime have accumulated in the burner, around the area where gas jets ignite. A dirty burner makes it hard for the furnace to ignite, which leads to its failure in supplying an ample amount of heat.


A clacking sound is a pretty simple problem many homeowners encounter. The motor fan belt creates this noise when it becomes loose and begins to hit other parts of the machine. It would require some fixing and realignment to ensure it doesn’t break other parts of its interior. Bent fan blades are also the likely culprit behind clacking noises.


As for clicking sounds, they are only abnormal when loud. A furnace that doesn’t start but clicks loudly would most probably have a problem with the igniter. This is for machines that have done away with pilot lights and replaced these with electrical igniters.


One last type of noise you may encounter is rattling. The problem with this is that the reason behind it can range from various things. It could be as simple as loose bolts or as severe as a burnt out motor.

If ever you do hear one or more of these noises, it’s the time to have your furnace checked by a seasoned professional. After all, you would want these issues addressed before they grow worse, as they always do with appliances.