It’s All on the Wall: Unique Wall Decorations

A plain and boring wall can make the entire room feel empty and uninteresting. Infuse your walls with style by adding a few decorative pieces. Give them a makeover with these unique wall decorating ideas.

deer head

Dress it Up

Instead of using paint and wallpaper, try dressing your walls with fabric. Use a pattern and type of fabric that you love. Then, incorporate a large family portrait or a canvas as an additional touch.

Get Wild

Give your home a unique feel using fauxidermy or fake animal heads. Common animals to choose from include deer, elephant, moose, lion, and zebra. You can find these constructed pieces in ceramic, resin, and recycled cardboard. By mounting fake animal heads, you can make your wall appear dramatic and interesting.

Mirror it

Make a statement in your small space with a large mirror. Hang or rest a framed and full-sized mirror in your bedroom, living room, or at the end of the hallway. You can also use a collage of mirrors to give your room a bohemian feel. Create a wall collage using framed mirrors in different sizes and shapes.

Add a layer of interest to any room with these wall decorations. Make sure to choose a wall color or decoration that suits the overall style of the room. Think beyond paints and wallpaper to give your home a fun and stylish feel.