What are the Key Considerations to Choosing the Right Nursing Home?

Nursing HomesNursing homes aim to provide the elderly with access to long-term care and services intended to help ease day-to-day living. For many Singaporeans, these facilities offer some much needed assistance in looking after loved ones with special needs. As of 2014, the Ministry of Health tallies 66 total nursing homes in Singapore. If you’re in the process of scouting for long-term care services, you can find the best fit by taking note of some key considerations.

What do you know about this place? 

Take the time to do some research. This is the most crucial step to choosing the right nursing home for your loved one. Read materials about the nursing homes in Singapore and learn as much as you can through their website and peer reviews posted on forums and other similar sites. Do they have a good reputation? Do they offer the type of services that will cater to your loved one’s needs?

What are the facilities like?

Once you’ve trimmed down your choices and found a potential candidate, make an appointment and schedule a visit to the facilities. Ask for a tour of the nursing home and be mindful of the areas you see. What are the areas for eating and recreation like? Do the bedrooms look comfortable? Are the bathrooms clean? Is the place too crowded?

How are the staff and residents? 

During your tour, don’t forget to take note of what the staff and other residents are like. Is the staff receptive and willing to answer all of your questions? How do they interact with the residents in their care? Are the residents happy with the care they receive?

Nursing homes provide an important service to many Singaporean families. If you feel daunted by the task of choosing the right facility for your loved one, take the time to go through these pointers and make proper considerations.