What it Takes to Digitise Your Company’s Customer Service Strategy

Customer ServiceTechnology and business are always slingshot-ing each other forward. Whether it is the innovative start-up trying to earn revenue while advancing the field, or the big company purchasing new technologies for mutual growth; there will always be a divergence between the two disciplines. They will always find a way to match and exceed those deficiencies, reigniting the cycle of catch-up anew.

Bringing your company up to speed is far easier through digital means. It is even more enlightening when the customers themselves are providing you with a piece of their mind — for better or worse, as long as it is modernised.

Service management professionals from JobLogic list the following steps for digitising the customer service arm of your company. Considering the increasingly technological, competitive nature of the market, these steps may as well be commands:

Make the Engagement Simpler

The entire point of digitising your customer service sector is to make the process of receiving, assessing and addressing concerns more efficient and less stressful for both the customer and your representative. Find ways to make the handling of complaints and delegation of fixing duties even faster. Coordinate with your service manager and systems administrator in streamlining the system; it allows for a more future-proof customer service strategy and a better experience for your customers.

Keep the Options Open

If your company can handle catering to manned (personal) and automated (impersonal) complaints, then keep them both. A wide market means varying preferences, and a guaranteed way of annoying already annoyed customers would be to block them out of their preferred means of engagement. Adopting a digital service management system also helps your company consolidate all the feedback it receives, regardless of the way customers send them in.

Be Proactive

The great thing about a digitised customer service department is that providing data now goes both ways. Give clients the option of signing up for an e-newsletter. Provide a way for them to receive updates on your products or services. Take advantage of the speed and efficiency Internet connectivity affords. This goes a long way in making sure customers do not call in to complain in the first place.

Customer service is an indispensable element of running a business. Always keep it up to speed; customers hate waiting, after all.