What Makes Queensland a Great Place to Live for All Age Groups

State of QueenslandQueensland a great place to settle. It has so much more to offer than pineapples, great climate, and sunny people. Queensland is generally more laid-back than the other locations in Australia, but it doesn’t mean that it will only attract a certain group of people, say those who want to enjoy their retirement. Queensland is actually a great place just for every age group.

  • Graduate Students

Queensland is known for the quality of education that it offers. There are many reputable universities, and if you are deciding to earn a postgraduate degree, you should definitely explore the different universities in Queensland such as The University of Queensland. Whether you want to specialise in Marketing, Accounting, Information Systems, or Science, you will surely find an exceptional program fit for your educational needs. It may not be as busy as Sydney, but don’t you think this is actually a great thing?

  • Young Professionals

Despite the more relaxed atmosphere in Queensland, there are actually many jobs available here. Industries in food and agriculture, export and manufacturing, and tourism are all thriving. There are also many startup companies and communities if this is what you are looking for. In fact, Toowoomba in Queensland is the employment capital of Australia, so if you are sufficiently skilled in your field, there’ a very high possibility that there is no scarcity of employment opportunities in the state.

  • Starting Families

You will be happy to know that based on a study conducted by the Suncorp Bank Family Friendly Index, six out of the top 20 of the most family-friendly cities are found in Queensland. Some of the indices considered are crime rate, income, education, health services, and housing. The overall stable economy definitely makes it an ideal place for families.

  • Retirees

Forget about building your dream country style home. One of the major recommendation to retirees, albeit surprising, is to rent. Buying an expensive property to build your lake house might just consume a lot of your healthier years. Instead of trying to glue yourself in one place, you have the option to try living in different places while you still can. Queensland is a famous place for retirees, and you can easily see why. Get in touch with a rental manager, and for starters, try scouring good places in Townsville, where you can be as active as you can and as relaxed as you want.

On top of it all, Queensland offers beaches, mountains, free parks, and the sun all year round; no mater which group you belong, all of these surely appeal to you. If you are still on the fence about it, you might want to visit, spend a couple of weeks there, and see whether you will fall under the spell of this charming state.