What Style of Car Do You Need?

Buying a Car in PetoskeyThe thought of buying a new car is exciting, but the hundreds of choices can be overwhelming. One best way to narrow down your selection is to decide on a body style. It is a good idea to learn which one fits your lifestyle or suits your daily needs.


Fletch's GMC Buick Audi note that a sedan offers more flexibility than a convertible, as there is enough space for more people in the back seat. Four doors are also necessary if you plan to include kids in the future. Young kids can sit comfortably in the back without any difficulty regarding climbing into and out of the vehicle, which is a major issue for cars with only two doors.


Those who like to make a statement choose this style of car. If you want an eye-catching ride or a vehicle with an expressive design, a convertible is right for you. Note, however, that choosing this means sacrificing on practicality. Some convertibles only accommodate one passenger. If the car of your choice has backseat, know that there will be issues to accessibility.


The main advantage of this car is the seating capacity. It is a good choice for those who want high seating position, ease of entry and exit in the car, as well as increased visibility. A family with more than four members may benefit well from an SUV, but note that more weight and height bring issues stability and fuel economy.


If you’re looking for a car that can better accommodate up to eight passengers, a minivan is the right choice. While a jumbo SUV offers more cargo space, there is better comfort in a minivan. If you worry about the dull character of such vehicles, note that there are now options that provide better driving pleasure. You just have to do your research.

Choose a style that rings true to your lifestyle and budget. Just be sure not to sacrifice comfort and size for design. If you think that SUV or a sedan is much better for the family, don’t choose a coupe or a convertible. Get help from a reliable dealership to make a sound decision.