What to Expect When You Wear Your New Dentures

dentistSome people find wearing dentures for the first time to be a struggle — it is not surprising because a denture is, after all, a foreign object and it just cannot replicate the feel of natural teeth. For some, it will take some time to adjust to the new sensation.

Edinburgh Dental Specialists recommends dental implants over dentures. An implant is the closest thing to having your natural teeth back. However, if you are still thinking about it and considering dentures for the moment, here are some things to expect from wearing new dentures.

Challenges of Wearing New Dentures

When you first wear your new dentures, it will naturally feel bulky and weird and will make your cheeks and lips feel fuller. Gradually, you will be used to these feelings and become more at ease wearing your dentures.

You may experience excessive saliva production, minor gagging, slurred speech and reduced or strange taste. These should subside over time, if these persist, consult a dentist. Chewing with your new dentures will also be challenging. Begin with softer foods and then gradually move on to harder foods. Make sure to chew using both sides of your mouth so you can better stabilise your teeth, and do not bite using your front teeth so as not to displace your dentures.

Many people find it harder to adjust with wearing a lower denture since this will float on the lower gums and will lack the grip of an upper denture. Until such time that you have mastered wearing your dentures, expect it to move inside your mouth — sometimes they can even pop right out. Try to rest your tongue against your lower denture’s front edge to keep it in place. You may also consider using denture adhesives until you can master lip and tongue control.

Other Crucial Considerations

Even if you find wearing your new dentures very challenging, it is recommended that you wear them as often as you can to easily adjust. Once you have grown accustomed to the feeling, start taking them out before sleeping. Make sure to properly clean the dentures.

While it is common to feel some gum soreness at first, if you feel any sore spots, thoroughly rinse with warm, salty water and visit your dentist. The dentures may require some adjustments.