What’s That Noise?! Sounds That Should Never Come from Your Air Conditioner!

Air Conditioner in IndianaWhooosh bzzzzz…. Are these sounds familiar to you? The sounds your air conditioner makes actually have a lot to say about its state. Know what they are, and prevent your AC from falling apart for good!

  1. Clunking

Clunk, clunk, clunk…

Have you ever heard those clunking sounds upon turning on your air conditioner? Well, chances are, there are loose components—such as screws, or fan blades, or any other parts—in your unit. This also means, Legacy Heating & Air points out, that you probably need to make an appointment with an air conditioning service in Indiana or wherever you are.

  1. Buzzing

Buzz buzz buzz…

A buzzing noise, on the other hand, indicates that there’s an electrical issue in your device. This means that wiring, relay switch, or the condenser fan motor may not be working properly, and you also need to get some help for it right away.

  1. Squealing


Your air conditioner could build up high amounts of pressure overtime—and that’s why it needs a constant checkup. A high-pitched squealing noise only goes to show that there’s too much pressure already—especially if your air conditioner doesn’t have those built-in light sensors that could signal problems. When you hear this sound, make sure that you switch off the device right away.

  1. Hissing


Unless there’s a snake in your air conditioner—and of course, that’s another problem—you shouldn’t be hearing a hissing sound from your AC. A hissing sound denotes that the refrigerant has leaked. Refrigerants are somewhat expensive—and that’s why the earlier you detect the problem, the better—so you can get the help of professionals.

An air conditioner is necessary to beat the incessant summer heat. Therefore, you have to make sure that it’s at its best, and that you’d be able to maximize its use without having a hard time!