Why Mosquitoes are the Most Dangerous Pests and How to Protect Your Family from Them

Fogging Service in CoronaStagnant rainwater is prime breeding ground for mosquitoes – arguably the most dangerous pest in the world today. Leach drains, effluent ponds, and abandoned car tires and appliances with standing water are some of their favorite hangouts. The only place in the world that does not harbor mosquitoes is Antarctica. There are more than 2,500 species of this insect, and many of them cause deadly diseases.

Tiny killers

Children around the world suffer from dengue fever, one of the illnesses associated with mosquito bites. Adults are not spared from dengue. Anopheles mosquitoes are also carriers of malaria, and 300 million cases are attributed to this species every year. Both dengue fever and malaria can be fatal, and account for hundreds of thousands of deaths every year. Malaria alone threatens half of the world’s nine billion people.

There are many other diseases, which are mosquito-borne, namely encephalitis, yellow fever, elephantiasis, Zika virus, West Nile virus, and canine heartworm disease. Mosquitoes also transmit disease from animals to humans and from one human being to another. This occurs because the insects harbor parasites and viruses in their bodies. When they feed on humans or animals for their blood, they transfer the microorganisms.

Protecting your family from mosquitoes

According to Orange Coast Pest Control, with the help of a professional exterminator, Corona residents can protect their homes and families from the devastating effects of a mosquito bite. Not all mosquitoes carry deadly diseases, but some of them do. There is no way of knowing which bite might lead to a serious illness, so why take the risk? There are simple ways to prevent mosquitoes from inhabiting your home. By keeping gutters clean, removing areas where there is standing water, and treating swimming pools with the appropriate solution, you can deny mosquito populations of a habitat.

If your surroundings are already infested with mosquitoes, you have to employ measures such as applying insect repellant on exposed skin surfaces and wearing long-sleeved clothing. Your family is safe for as long as mosquitoes don’t bite them.