Why You don’t Have to Walk in Faith By Yourself

Girl PrayingIt is a sign of strength to do all things alone. One will proudly say they passed their exams without help or travelled an exciting place on their own. They consider this an achievement.

Not in faith, though. Faith is like a seed that grows. In the absence of water, soil and sun, it is stunned. It stops from growing into a tree it is supposed to be. Like a seed, you need others to nurture you, as others need you as well.


Some believers in Christ ask why it is necessary to attend church mass and join Bible reading groups when they can read and meditate on the Gospel alone. The thing about the Bible is that it speaks differently to each person. What one interprets from it may be different from how others understand it. Reading it with others opens other perspectives that would be otherwise confusing, overlooked or undervalued.


By actively celebrating and praising God with other believers, you are reaffirming your faith in Christ and refreshing your waning spirit. Joining RestorationCommunityChurch.us, a church in Denver, Colorado, will give you the avenue to grow in your faith every time you are losing hope.

Collective Worship

Worshipping and praying with others is different if you are doing it alone. Remember this verse from Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” As one church leader said, when a group prays together, the petition is as good as answered. That is how strong collective faith can be.


Not everyone likes to be around people, but if you were one in Christ, you would want to be surrounded with likeminded people. They can remind you of your pursuit to live a Christ-centered life and to enjoy the walk in faith though the path is downtrodden. It is easy to lose in the battle of wills, but not if others are cheering on you. That is how a community can help you.

Growing in path of Christ is not a solo work you have to go through. With the help of other believers and your church, you will grow in faith.

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