Yoga Poses that De-Stress the Mind and Body

Yoga PosesYou will never know when stress will strike, it may be the accumulation of a hectic work week, relationship trouble, an illness or a combination of all of these. This may affect different aspects of your life and prevent you from doing your daily routines. It may also manifest itself emotionally and mentally, other than physically. One of the ways to fight and alleviate this problem is to practice yoga. The latter is an ancient practice that has several health and mental benefits.

Certain poses in yoga provide a de-stressing advantage to practitioners, here are some of them:

The Reclining Bound Angle

This is a chill pose that enables you to de-stress and loosen up those tight muscles and anxious nerves. To perform and get the most out of this is to put a bolster lengthwise on a mat and sit in front of it. Lower your torso to the ground so that your back is on the bolster, then bring your feet together with the soles touching, while keeping your knees open to the side. Put yoga blocks under your knees and a pillow for your head. Keep your arms rested on the sides with the palms upward. Stay in this position for around three minutes.

Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

When you join a yoga meditation retreat, this is one of the poses you’ll learn. This relaxes the brain and relieves stress. To do this put your palms on the floor directly In front of you, while the feet must be in line with your hands. Spread your fingers and press your palms downward. Raise your buttocks high pointing to the sky while you move your thighs up and back. Point your feet straight while lowering your heels to the floor to create balance.

These poses are stress relievers that get you through a hectic work week. This calms your nerves and relaxes tight muscles. Integrate these with breathing techniques to detoxify your body and stay stress-free.